- an ongoing catalog -

Collection + Story / The collecting of photos began after a high school relationship ended. I had been going through a tough time and that person was always there for me and understood me in a way no one else did. When I lost him, figuring out how to put the pieces together was more than difficult. There were many coincidences that had connected us to the number 28 and specifically 228. After I lost him whenever I would finally shake him from my mind I would immediately see a "28" somewhere. I began to document these instances because it just felt necessary. It's been 5 years and still, when I'm in stressful situations or I'm feeling down, a 28 just appears. He always said "You'll be alright." in this particular way, so now when I bump into this number in times of difficulty it's a gentle reminder of reassurance.

Book / The decision to continue this series and compile the photos into book form was much more rewarding than I had anticipated. I have always had a special love for books, the intimacy when holding, opening, and closing a book is different than viewing photography that is framed and hung. The tactility of gluing and binding the book is also very therapeutic, making the whole process quite healing. The book's dimensions 3"x 3" so the act of holding a small book also makes it feel extra precious. 

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