Concept / This sticker package is titled "MELTING". It is inspired by the heat of the summer and the melting feeling you get when it is super hot out. These stickers are for anyone who can relate to this feeling or wants to dramatically let others know of the hot weather. This package can is intended to be used in your Instagram Story in relation to the temperature sticker for extra exaggeration or in Facebook messenger. 

Intention / This sticker package was originally designed with three vibrant colors. These three colors were chosen to reflect the bright colors of summer. In tap variants there are several versions of this sticker package that come in other color options.



Applied Design / The stickers are indented to be used in Instagram to spice up your story. I found it challenging to figure out where to place the stickers in the frame and now realize the importance of designing/illustrating a sticker that "sits well" in the picture. Through this process I definitely have a new found respect for designers and illustrators who create sticker packs.

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