Museum + Exhibition Branding

Intention / Intended goal was to gain a more comprehensive perspective on how to brand a complete identity while taking into account promotion for an event hosted by the branded identity. Also to be able to create cohesion through a variety of collateral. 

Text Research

Object Research

Target Audience / The target audience covers biking enthusiasts, people who are looking to subtract from their carbon footprint and for the folks who just want an adventure. There is no particular age demographic however it is expected that most of the interest will fall with young adults to middle-aged adults. The museum will aim to be inclusive to all ages and will have interactive elements in each exhibit. 

Core Concept / Aesthetic, cheerful, colorful, lifestyle, freedom, travel, urban, city, culture, investment, safety, eco-friendly, informative, mechanical, systems, energy, physical, exercise, geographical, path, momentum, transportation, mountain, and utility. 

Naming / Museum of Bicycles, Museum of Momentum, Pedal & Spoke, Tires and Spokes, Geared Up, Cycling Center, Aurumania, World of Spokes, The Strada, and Bye-cycles.

Geared Up Museum 

Existing Museum Logo Research

Existing Design Research

Logo Draft 01 / Ideation 

Logo Draft 02 / Iteration 

Final Logo

The final version of the Geared Up Museum logo was inspired by the frame of a bike. During the ideation process I was leaning toward logo ideas which were more specific to distinct types bikes. However the final logo while aesthetically looking cleaner, is also more inclusive of all bikes. The other goal I wanted to achieve with this logo was to be able to give the museum a flexible identity. This was feasible with such an angular and solid structure, such as the bike frame, in the center. The words "Geared", "Up", and "Museum" in motion or in variations are to move around the perimeter of the frame.

Museum Signage 

Color Palette 

2Wheels Exhibition 

Existing Museum Poster Research

Poster Draft 01

Instagram Promotion

Brochure Book

Using Format