Lost Innocence

Photo Process - 

This "photo shoot" was a spontaneous reaction after having reconnected an old relationship. At the time we were able to help each other through some difficult situations and provide support for one another. After catching up and reflecting on life we ran into this bus and I felt the need to capture the moment. 

The editing process was straightforward as far as concept. I wanted the pictures to convey a solitary kind of thoughtful emptiness. The decision to go monochrome was an easy one because it pushes the idea that pass can't be rewritten. The building is also taken out of one image to help further the concept of being in a isolated space. Without the building the idea of the expanded darkness as a space is also extremely intimidating and overwhelming. 



Poster Process - 

After the editing stage I was interested in conveying how everyone has a story but some don't get the luxury of having a stable childhood life and in return they're forced to mature quickly from trauma. The repetition of the image symbolizes many different stories. While the choice to flip one image is to illustrate that something in that child's life failed them. 

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